Message Between Kelce Brothers Revealed After Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII was the first time ever that two brothers have gone face to face in the big game, as Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce had the pleasure of getting one over on his older brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

The two had spoken publicly about playing each other and it was quite a big story in the lead up to the game, and Travis even told his brother Jason “don’t f****ing look at me” during the coin toss.

With their families being there in Arizona, it was certainly an emotional day to be a Kelce, one way or another.

During the Kelce’s postgame hug, Jason (Eagles) gave Travis (Chiefs) a brotherly love greeting “F*** you, congratulations.”

Despite Travis winning the Super Bowl and beating his older brother, he admitted it was hard doing it. “There’s nothing you can really say to a loved one in a situation like that. You joke around all the time and say you want to beat your brother in the biggest stage ever, but it’s a weird feeling…

“There’s nothing really I could say to him except I love him, and he played a hell of a year and a hell of a season.”

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