“He can go”: Zidane at OM, on one condition

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Former OM player Samir Nasri set fire to the powder by mentioning the arrival of Zinédine Zidane in Marseille. But the 1998 world champion is still very far from landing in his hometown. A return is possible, but only in the event of a solid sports project, as confirmed by journalist Thibaud Vézirian.

Zinedine Zidane will still have to wait. The extension of Didier Deschamps pushes him to consider other options than theFrench team. Long announced in the viewfinder of the PSGthe 1998 world champion has also been associated with theOMhis hometown club.

Nasri sets Zidane soap opera on fire

Present on the set of Channel Football Club, Samir Nasri announced that Zidane could take charge of theOM. “ With a real project, ambitions, tomorrow if there is a buyer with a real budget, he will go to OM. He won’t be under pressure, it’s his favorite club. The PSG, there were noises, he did not go there because he is really from Marseilles “ said the former player.

“OM can go, but…”

On his channel Twitch, Thibaud Vezirian confirmed the statements of Samir Nasri. ” Zidane does not set foot anywhere. He prefers to enjoy his family, his parents, than to go anywhere. At OM, he can go, but only if the conditions are ideal said the journalist. Outings, which could set the soap opera on fire Zidane.