Patrick Mahomes Sr. smoking ‘Philly blunt’ during first words to Chiefs QB

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes received a touching message from his father right after defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday at State Farm Stadium.

Mahomes, 27, led Kansas City to a second championship in a span of four years despite trailing Philadelphia by 10 points at halftime and playing on a sprained ankle.

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His father was amazed at the two-time Super Bowl MVP when he first got the chance to congratulate him on the field.

“Hey, I ain’t never seen nothing like you,” Mahomes Sr. said. “You different. You different. I love you to death, baby. You know I do. Damn, you’re good. Yes!”

The emotional exchange was captured on video and it certainly puts his father’s role in his success into perspective.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. smoking “Philly blunts”

Mahomes Sr., 52, was a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher from 1992 to 2003 and lost in his lone World Series appearance.

He always had his son with him in the locker room, which is where the Chiefs QB first started loving sports.

Mahomes Sr. has become a beloved character in the Kansas City community, especially after saying he was “smoking on that Joe Burrow” while puffing on a cigar following his son’s AFC Championship victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

When a reporter asked him what he was smoking after the Super Bowl win, Mahomes Sr. said this time it was “Philly blunts.”