PSG: New sensational announcement in Spain on Mbappé

The transfer market is once again animated by the soap opera Kylian Mbappé. Indeed, just a few months after his extension with PSG, the French striker is announced as leaving. Of course, all eyes are on Real Madrid again when discussing Mbappé’s possible destination. And in this regard, on the other side of the Pyrenees, we made a new announcement.

Last summer, rather than going free to real MadridKylian Mbappé had chosen to extend to PSG. Today, the native of Bondy is linked until 2024 with the club of the capital, while having an additional year as an option. However, the striker PSG may well not go through with the end of his contract. Indeed, rumors have reappeared concerning the future of Mbappe, again announced leaving. Will leave? Won’t go? Questions arise and the interest of the real Madrid is mentioned again. Will this time then be the right one for Florentino Perez and the Meringues?

“I’m sure it will happen”

Famous influencer in Spain, Ibai Llanos put a coin back in the machine about Kylian Mbappe and real Madrid. Indeed, this Sunday, during the Kings League, he celebrated his penalty scored like the number 7 of the PSG. A gesture about which he was questioned later. And in words reported by ReportIbai Llanos explained regarding Mbappe : “ Why celebrate like Kylian Mbappé? I don’t know. It made me laugh to celebrate Mbappé. I think I didn’t do it well in relation to the camera. I hope he comes to Real Madrid one day and I’m sure it will happen “.

” Never say never “

Following his speech, Ibai Llanos also responded to the possibility that we see Kylian Mbappe with the FC Porcinos, his Kings League team. ” Can he come to Porcinos FC? It’s complicated in my opinion. You have to see, never say never “, he then responded to this.