Was Super Bowl LVII fixed? Dez Bryant agrees with Antonio Brown and Kanye West

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant believes Super Bowl LVII was “fixed,” agreeing with Antonio Brown and Kanye West, who falsely claim that the NFL is legally allowed to manipulate games.

Brown, 34, took to Instagram after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at State Farm Stadium to share a video of West saying the league is fixed.

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West, 45, claims Patrick Mahomes was robbed of his second Super Bowl win because the NFL wanted to give Tom Brady a seventh ring.

Brown won that championship with Brady, so it’s odd that he’s basically saying he didn’t deserve to win, but it’s all obviously for clout.

Bryant, 34, is doing the same, piggy-backing off of the controversial statements made by Brown and West to get a little more attention.

Dez Bryant comments on Antonio Brown’s post

“I gotta keep it G, I’ll be lying if I didn’t say something similar,” Bryant wrote. “That was an obvious fixed game Ttruthfully some of the things we all love can be corrupt, ain’t no such thing is a fair game.

“You gotta find your cult because this world share so many dishonest perspectives.”

The video of West ends with a tweet from “Uber Facts” falsely claiming that the NFL can legally fix games because it’s considered an entertainment business and not a sport.

Gambling is one of the main reasons why the NFL can’t legally fix outcomes because the league is classified as sports entertainment, but there’s more.

Follow the money, find the truth

While it’s possible for a few shady individuals to pay off referees or players to shave points and throw a game, the logistics of a “script” by the league would be a headache for everyone involved.

The league employs over 3,500 people, including players, so a lot of disgruntled workers would have to stay silent.

Every player is working hard for their next contract. It’s unfortunate that former stars such as Brown and Bryant continue to push the false narrative of a fixed league.

Making those wild allegations only serve to discredit the great athletes who have accomplished what only few can. Bryant, who never won a ring, wouldn’t know anything about that.