Philadelphia Eagles Fans’ Reactions to Super Bowl Loss

The Philadelphia Eagles suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, as the Chiefs kicked a last-second field goal to secure a 38-35 victory. Eagles fans were not happy with the outcome, and their reactions flooded social media.

YouTuber Funny Mike Fools Social Media with Eagles Reaction Video

Reaction videos were doing the rounds on social media after the Eagles’ defeat to the Chiefs at Super Bowl LVII. Eagles fans are known for being the most vocal and rowdy fans in the NFL, and the videos on social media appeared to back that up.

One video that went viral came from YouTuber Funny Mike, who has 8.4 million followers on Instagram. In the video, Funny Mike can be seen smashing a TV and stomping on it after the Chiefs made the field goal, while his friends try to calm him down. The blurred lines between reality and art in social media are apparently becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish. Although, this one looked like a pretty clear fake to us from the outset.

One Eagles fan took to Twitter to express their frustration, calling Fletcher Cox “trash.” The fan also had trouble understanding why Patrick Mahomes was out there running around like Barry Sanders with his gimpy ankle!

Fans on Philly Streets Get Rowdy

On the streets of Philly, Eagles fans marched down the road chanting “F**k the Chiefs! F**k the Chiefs,” and police were forced to give a dispersal order to the crowd at Philadelphia City Hall.

Tensions were high even before the final whistle, with a crowd brawl breaking out, apparently at a Philadelphia sportsbook involving multiple groups of people. We are not sure what caused the fight, but we imagine this is what a typical night out on the tiles in Philly looks like.

Eagles fans also climbed bus shelters and lamp posts before jumping from them, a tradition that seems to occur regardless of the outcome of the game. The video of fans jumping from bus shelters can be found here:

The emotions of Eagles fans were on full display following their Super Bowl loss, and their reactions highlight the passion and dedication of NFL fans. While the outcome was not what they had hoped for, their unwavering support for their team cannot be denied, and I guess, we can only envy that!