Pique confesses that he doesn’t follow fashion trends and claims Clara Chia chooses his clothes: I am a puppet

Gerard Pique has revealed that his girlfriend, Clara Chia, is in charge of choosing his clothes.

The former Barcelona centre-back claimed tha he is not interested in fashion trends.

After being asked by Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos whether he reads fashion magazines to stay updated on new trends, Pique burst into laughter.

“The truth is that I don’t,” Pique noted.

“I go with my girlfriend to the store and she buys [clothes] for me. I’m a puppet.”

His remarks were commented on by the hosts of Spanish TV show ‘Aruseros’, with Tatiana Arus stressing that Chia “has become his stylist”.

Meanwhile, Alfonso Arus wondered whether Pique’s ex-partner, Shakira, was also his stylist in the past.