Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Alves, shares the handwritten letter she received: I don’t know who you are, but thank you

Joana Sanz, Dani Alves’ wife, is trying to come out of this difficult moment as best she can and one of the model’s therapies is to go on Instagram and interact with supporters.

That’s why she made a decision. She will only speak through this channel, as this ensures that her words are not misrepresented and she can directly address her followers.

Joana has not hesitated to share how she feels with her followers. The model’s transparency and closeness has not fallen on deaf ears.

Thousands of messages of appreciation and affection have been sent to Sanz on a daily basis, praising her response to her husband’s alleged crime.

But Joana has stopped to reflect after what has happened to her, with one particular letter she has received proving to be incredibly touching. It was a handwritten letter signed by a certain Alberto Sanz.

And Joana Sanz’s reflection on it is as follows.

“I don’t know who you are, but thank you infinitely for your words. I wish people wrote letters to each other more often. We have lost this beautiful habit with technology. Thank you again for your support,” she declared on Instagram.

Because Alberto tries to convey all his best feelings to her, the letter was well received.

“I am writing to you to give you my support and my prayers. I like to pray and I pray a lot for you and your mum,” he wrote.

”Life is wonderful and you have just started it. I am sure you will overcome the difficulty that God has presented to you.”