Shakira supports Rihanna on social media and Bizarrap’s comment goes viral

In addition to the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs against the Eagles in the final of Super Bowl 2023, there was another moment that stood out in the early hours of last night at State Farm Stadium in Arizona: Rihanna’s performance at halftime of the game.

The singer stood out on stage performing her best-known songs, despite not having released any new repertoire for some time.

The Barbados artist also attracted attention for having a slightly bulging belly, so fans began to speculate whether she was pregnant with her second child, something that has now been confirmed.

Rumor mill went wild

Before the show, many speculated that Rihanna could be accompanied by another artist on stage, with rumors suggesting it could be someone with whom she had collaborated on a song.

There was speculation about Eminem, with whom she has several songs, and even Shakira.

The Colombian is in fashion and the fact that she once shared a song with the Super Bowl star, gave some substance to the rumours as the two released ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’.

Bizarrap’s comment on Shakira’s post to Rihanna

And despite the fact that Rihanna decided to fend for herself and not perform with anyone else, Shakira wanted to send her a message of support before the break of the Super Bowl 2023.

Gerard Pique‘s ex-partner has done so through Instagram and with a photo of the video clip they recorded together.

“Remembering old times. I wish you all the luck in the world tonight, Riri,” she posted.

Obviously the publication has gone viral and brought in thousands of likes and comments, but there is one that stands out above the rest and it is the one written by Bizarrap.

The Argentinean producer worked with Shakira on a session full of messages to Pique and his current partner, Clara Chia.

“A quiet joint, luckily,” Bizarrap posted, referring to all the controversy that has followed his song.