US military shoots down ‘uneditified flying octagonal object’ in Michigan

Another unidentified flying object has been shot down by the US military, this time over Lake Huron in Michigan.

After targets were shot down in Alaska and Canada on Friday and Saturday, respectively, this takedown is the fourth in less than a week and the third in as many days.

Under the condition of anonymity, officials who spoke to Reuters declined to describe the appearance of the most recent object; however, a senior US official later described it as an octagonal structure.

They also omitted saying if it could be maneuvered or merely floated on air currents.

Elissa Slotkin, a member of Congress, tweeted that the item had been “downed by US Air Force and National Guard pilots.”

The fourth unedintified flying object shot down in a week

Before planes were dispatched to intercept and attempt to identify the item, US and Canadian officials blocked certain airspace over the lake, close to the Canadian border.

The Chinese “spy” balloon that was shot down in South Carolina a week ago did not resemble the previously shot down mysterious objects over Alaska and Canada, according to the White House.

They are “far smaller,” according to a National Security Council official, but we won’t be able to characterize them with certainty until we can recover the debris, which we are working on.

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, announced that recovery teams were looking for the item that had been shot down over his nation’s territory in order to determine what it was for.

On Mr. Trudeau’s orders, a US F-22 stealth fighter plane shot it down on Saturday over the northwest region’s hilly and sparsely populated Yukon.

Anita Anand, Canada’s minister of defense, earlier refused to make any guesses about the object’s origin.

Although she said it was smaller than the Chinese balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina, she described it as cylindrical in shape.