DJ Khaled sends message to Rihanna amid her Super Bowl halftime show

Rihanna‘s performance at this year’s Super Bowl is among its most thrilling aspects. After a six-year hiatus, the nine-time Grammy Award-winning singer will return to the stage.

DJ Khaled, Rihanna’s friend and frequent working partner, gives the singer a shout-out before she ignites the Super Bowl stage.

At Michael Rubin’s celebrity-studded Fanatics party at the Arizona Biltmore, where Page Six was present, Khaled expressed his enthusiasm and dubbed the event as the “RiRi Super Bowl.”

“RiRi, I love you so much,” the 47-year-old said.Congratulations in advance. They changed the name of Super Bowl. It’s called ‘RiRi Super Bowl.’ I’mma have my airhorn ready and I’m going to order me a cheeseburger well done.”

When asked further about if he would perform with Rihanna as a surprise guest, he responded,”I’m coming as a fan and Rihanna’s my sister. I can’t wait to see it. I’m here to support.”

Rihanna’s big comeback to the stage

Four years after she declined to appear at the Super Bowl halftime show in protest of racial issues, Rihanna will take the stage. Rihanna has since clarified that she uses her performance to stand in for immigrants and black women.

”That’s a big part of why this is important for me to do this show: representation. Representing immigrants. Representing black women everywhere. That’s key for people to see the possibilities, ”she said.

”It’s a long way from home, right? It’s a beautiful journey that I’m on. I could have never guessed that I would have made it here, so it’s a celebration of that. I’m really excited to have Barbados on the Super Bowl stage.” Rhianna added.

The nine-time Grammy winner will take the stage during the halftime of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs game today.