Could Rain Give Eagles Edge

It’s Super Bowl 57 today and, in what looks all set up to be a tight game between the Eagles and Chiefs, could the weather be the difference – we look at the Super Bowl 2023 weather forecast in Arizona. 

40% Chance of Rain at Super Bowl 2023 Today

There is rain dotted about the US today and the weather experts are saying that there’s a 40% chance that the ‘wet stuff’ might end up hitting Arizona and, therefore, Super Bowl 57 – but if it does turn up, halftime headline act Rihanna surely won’t mind if she has to reach for her Umbrella, ella, ella.

In terms of the temperature, the Arizona area is hopeful being in the mid-to-upper 70s during the day – with a cloudy but mild day, while the evening temperature dropping to around 50 and if the rain does come it’s more likely to hit at the end of the day.

Little Wind Expected for Super Bowl 57, But Weather Experts Say It Might Rain

The better news for the Super Bowl kickers today, is there is no reported forecasts of any strong winds – meaning, even though any rain isn’t ideal for the kickers either, there should be no ‘wind excuses’ for the Eagles Jake Daniel Elliott or the Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker to reel out of they hit a wayward one.

Which Super Bowl Side Will Any Rain Help Most?

It goes without saying that a clear day will be what both the Eagles and Chiefs will ideally want.

But the weather experts are putting a 40% figure on it raining during Super Bowl 2023. With that in mind, some feel that the Eagles might benefit from a slicker playing field a bit more than the Chiefs, based having a superior running game to Kansas.

In contrast, the Super Bowl weather-watchers are thinking that Patrick Mahomes style is focused on running around the pocket and throwing, so will any rain make this a harder for the Chiefs quarterback to find his teammates and maximize his main skill?

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