Discovering Lucas Marsella, young explosive goalkeeper of Lyon La Duchère

Lyon, land of football. In the shadow of Olympique Lyonnais, several teams in the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region are trying to grow and progress. This is the case of Lyon La Duchere. Resident of National 2 this 2022-23 season, the Rhone club is well positioned in group C. Second with 34 points, Lyon La Duchère is only a short step behind Marignane Gignac, leader with 35 points after 18 days. . The Lyon team is also two points ahead of Jura Sud, fourth with a late game. Suffice to say that the fight for the rise in National will be fierce until the end. To achieve this, “La Duch” relies in particular on Lucas Marsella.

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Arrived last summer, this goalkeeper is the delight of his club. A pride for this football enthusiast whose story began on January 11, 2000 in Nice. It was there that he was born 23 years ago. Quickly, he fell in love with football and ended up in the cages. “It’s a position of responsibility that has always attracted me. The goalkeeper has no right to make the slightest mistake. An error of appreciation or taking the ball and behind it is goal. But that’s what makes the beauty of the position too because during the great evenings of a goalkeeper, we only remember these beautiful parades which allowed the team to win. To occupy this role was therefore obvious.

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An important apprenticeship in Corsica

“When I was in the beginners, the goalkeeper who was to play in my team was sick. Suddenly, someone had to replace him and I immediately raised my hand. I haven’t taken the gloves off since. And he traced his path quietly. “I started football very young at the age of 5 in the Cannet-Rocheville club. I played there until I was 15. Then I joined the AC Ajaccio training center, where I played with the U17 Nationals and U19 Nationals. I also participated in the Gambardella Cup before evolving with the N3. A rapid rise for the doorman who climbed the ladder one after the other on the Island of Beauty.

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His efforts have been rewarded. “In 2018, I joined the professional group as the third goalkeeper. I also signed my first professional contract and I made several benches in Ligue 2. I was in the group for three seasons. Enough to make him progress although he occupied a role that was not always easy. “I learned a lot as number 3. It was my first steps in a professional group. The quality of the squad means that I was forced to progress. The requirement is not the same, you have to learn quickly from the pros. I was lucky to have very good goalkeeper coaches like Christophe Sortelle, in training, and Thierry Debes, in the pros, who made me grow.

Passing a milestone in Lyon La Duchère

But like all young people, the 1m84 goalkeeper needed to play to progress. So he took on a new challenge. “I signed at FC Martigues during the summer transfer window of 2021. At the end of this season, I experienced the rise to National 1.” Author of 6 appearances, Lucas Marsella had to go elsewhere to have more playing time. Last summer, he therefore joined Lyon La Duchère where he signed a one-season contract to occupy the position of number one goalkeeper as explained by the Rhone club.

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A challenge cut for the native of Nice. “It is a great honor for me to join Lyon La Duchère. It was the head coach (Jordan Gonzalez) who contacted me, he presented the project to me and I was immediately hooked. I think my qualities match his expectations. It’s an ambitious club in an attractive city, so there are only good reasons for me to fit in well. My objective is to have a large volume of play this season and why not to know with La Duch’ a rise in National 1. The preparation will be a means of affirming my qualities, I have many things to prove to those who place their trust in me. » And obviously, Lyon La Duchère was right to believe in him.

Marsella continues the matches and aims higher

This season, he has played 2 Coupe de France matches (2 clean sheets) and 18 league matches, all in full. That is a playing time of approximately 1620 minutes. A time which he took advantage of to achieve 5 clean sheets. However, he conceded 17 goals. A point on which the young goalkeeper is working, he who has several strong points as one of his relatives admits. “His qualities are his explosiveness. He also has a very big kicking game and he is good in one-on-ones too. Regarding penalties, he has released 3 out of 5 since the start of the season. He is very strong on his line but he still needs to improve his decision-making on outings.

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Still, the youngster is happy with his season so far. “I am happy with this first part of the season at Lyon La Duchère. I have set myself individual and collective goals for this first season here. I hope they will be successful within 5 months. For this second part of the season, the individual objectives are to chain the best possible performances, to bring back the most victories and clean sheets for the club. What may help him to pass an additional course. “For the rest of my career, I hope to return to the professional level and continue to flourish in my profession”he told us.

A free goalkeeper at the end of the season

That’s good, according to our information, L2 and N1 clubs inquired about the free goalkeeper in June 2023. While waiting to find out what his future will hold, Lucas Marsella remains calm and focused on the pitch. Football also takes an important part for him. “In life, I am rather a simple person. I spend a lot of time with my loved ones, but my life still revolves a lot around football. I watch a lot of matches. It goes from the National to the Champions League. But I also like to follow and learn other sports like tennis. But football remains his great passion, he who hopes to continue living it for a very long time.

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