Why Steven Spielberg has no regrets about turning down Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the most recognisable sagas in the history of cinema but its films could have been very different from what we know today as Warner Bros offered the director’s job to Steven Spielberg to direct ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

But the award-winning filmmaker turned the offer down and today admits he has no regrets.

According to Collider, the reason Spielberg declined the offer was because he had to live away from his family for a long period of time. The director already knew what it felt like to be away from his loved ones for other projects and described it as “a heartbreaking experience”.

Why Steven Spielberg turned down to direct ‘Harry Potter’

It was all explained by Spielberg, who said: “There are a number of films I decided not to make.

“I decided to turn down the first Harry Potter because I basically would have had to spend the next year and a half away from my family, with my kids growing up.”

And despite the franchise’s success, he has no regrets: “I sacrificed a great franchise and looking back on it now I’m very happy that I did it, that I was with my family.”

It also seems that the saga was not harmed by the filmmaker’s “no”, as J.K. Rowling‘s works had eight successful films, being among the highest-grossing in history. And Spielberg has continued to release unique and highly acclaimed feature films. For example, his latest, ‘The Fabelmans’, was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture.

But the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise keeps coming out with prequels and who knows if in the future Spielberg might direct a project starring wizards, you never know. Besides, it’s still the same studio that offered it to him back in the day.