PSG: New response to the bad “joke” of the Messi family

At the end of the contract on June 30 with PSG, Lionel Messi will return to FC Barcelona if Joan Laporta leaves the club. This is in any case what his brother, Matias, said before explaining that it was a joke on his part. Asked this Saturday afternoon, Xavi spoke about the exit of Matias Messi.

While his contract will expire on June 30, Lionel Messi could return to the FC Barcelona in case of departure from Joan Laporta according to his brother. “I have a pasted clipping from SPORT, from Barcelona, ​​which says ‘Messi should come back to Barcelona’ and I captioned it ‘hahaha we’re not going to come back to Barcelona and if we come back we’ll do a good clean up’. Fire Joan Laporta, an ungrateful man. (…) People should have come to demonstrate for Laporta to leave and Messi to stay”said Matias Messi during a live on Twitch.

“If he apologized, it’s over”

While this release created controversy, Matias Messi went back on his remarks, explaining that he had made a joke in bad taste: “I want to get back from what I said on social media, I was just with my son and my friends making a joke. How can I think that of a club as big as Barcelona and its history, which has given so much to my family and to Leo. For us, Catalonia is our second home and it is common knowledge. I’m really sorry and I apologize to everyone, especially to the Barcelonistas”.

“We can all make mistakes”

Present at a press conference this Saturday afternoon, Xavi did not wish to overwhelm the brother of Lionel Messi. “If he apologized, it’s over. I know them well. It’s a humble family and we can all make mistakes. I’m the first to apologize when that happens. There’s no need to make a big deal out of it “, estimated the technician of the FC Barcelona. Matias Messi can blow.