Matthew Perry merges after two months missing: He doesn’t look in great shape

Actor Matthew Perry got himself on a roller coaster a couple of months ago that took him to promote his memoir nationwide. The main topic of this book was his struggle with alcohol addiction and other substances. After the promotion, the actor vanished almost completely from public life but he just emerged in public this weekend. Perry currently lives in Los Angeles and he was spotted by paparazzi looking grim, bloated and red-faced. It is pretty evident he wasn’t enjoying himself as the pictures were being taken. No confirmation to whether he is doing okay or not can be shared right now because this is the first time any camera spots him in recent weeks.

In his memoir ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing: A candid, Darkly Funny Book‘, Perry explores many different stages of his life. He talks about how much he struggled against addiction during his time as a main cast-member in ‘Friends’. The hit TV show was the one that dominated all ratings during the late ’90s and early ‘2000s. Perry shared he was sober at the time of the book’s promotion but we haven’t heard from him since that tour took place in many talk shows and media outlets. In fact, the last time Perry was spotted looking well was during the GQ Men Of The Year party.

Matthew Perry’s attacks against Keanu Reeves

In that memoir, perhaps one of the biggest reactions from the fans were his attacks against Keanu Reeves. Perry talks about actor River Phoenix’s death and mentions Keanu Reeves in a poorly used example. Days after that part of his book was revealed, Reeves himself felt surpised by Matthew Perry’s words and forced him to apologize. Matthew Perry said he should’ve used his own name instead of randomnly use Keanu Reeves’. The ‘Friends’ actor confirmed he is actually a Keanu Reeves fan when he apologized for his poor choice fo words. Simply by looking at these new images of him, we can see Matthew Perry may not be going through a good time.