Brandon Marshall says Aaron Rodgers should be the ‘third option’ for the Jets at QB, would prefer this choice instead

Brandon Marshall, former New York Jets wide receiver, has shared his thoughts on the team’s search for a quarterback and expressed his concerns with Aaron Rodgers being the choice that the franchise wants to pursue for their starting role in the 2023 seasoh despite acknowledging as the best football thrower the NFL has ever seen.

“This is our opportunity to really get it right and be in position to be contending next year. So, you can go Aaron Rodgers and feel like you’ll get there, right? But what’s going to happen after next year? I feel like a Derek Carr, even a Jimmy [Garoppolo], with that defense, with Elijah Moore used the right way and then Garrett [Wilson], we’re set up for the next five to seven years,” he expressed from the Super Bowl LVII’s radio row.

Brandon Marshall would love to see this QB leading the Jets

Brandon Marshall had a spectacular 2015 season with the Jets and now he pleads Woody Johnson, the team owner, to follow his advice and pursue Derek Carr before he tries to land Aaron Rodgers, as he thinks the team needs a starter for a long time and not just a short-term fix at the most important position on the field.

“If I was Woody Johnson Marshall, I would go Derek Carr as my one, Jimmy G as my second option and then Aaron Rodgers as my third option,” Marshall expressed.

Marshall’s biggest concerns with Aaron Rodgers are his age and how he could fit in the locker room, as he thinks some players may respect him, but still considers Carr to be a better fit given he can spent more years playing for the team, even saying they’ve tried this formula before with a veteran former Packers quarterback and it wasn’t that great of a move.

“Carr can get you there. Derek Carr is the first one in, last one out. Derek Carr, he meets people where they’re at. The chemistry and continuity is everything. Remember, we tried this before with Brett Favre. We did this, Woody. We did it. We tried this before with Brett Favre. Derek Carr, that’s all we need. We don’t need the best quarterback. We need the right quarterback.”