Did the Chiefs already lose Super Bowl LVII because their fans defied Rocky’s statue ‘curse’ and put on a Kansas City jersey?

A strange ‘curse’ seems to fall on teams whose fans come to Philadelphia and, upon visiting the famous Rocky Memorial – the statue erected in memory of Sylvester Stallone‘s character in the ‘Rocky‘ movie saga – they place a jersey or anything from the team that is going to face the Eagles.

True or not, the fact is that for years, fans of teams that have made such a ‘sacrilege’ with the statue of the unforgettable Rocky Balboa, have lost in their game against the Eagles.

The Rocky character is one of the prides of Philadelphia, even if he is a product of fiction, but what is certain is that everything points to the fact that there is indeed some curse that causes teams to lose against the Eagles when their fans dare to dress the statue with the logo of the rival team.

Travis Kelce warned fans not to do so

Chances are that when an opposing fan does that, Philadelphia Eagles players play better than usual and that’s why they win games. But just in case, after the San Francisco 49ers lost the NFC championship after some of their fans put Rocky in a Niners jersey, one of the Chiefs stars asked his fans not to do it.

Travis Kelce, Kansas City’s star tight end, mentioned on the podcast he has with his brother, Jason – center for the Philadelphia Eagles – that he didn’t want the Chiefs’ season to end badly just because someone ‘upset’ Rocky’s statue.

“Chiefs fans. Do not touch the f***** Rocky memorial. Definitely don’t put a number 87 on there.” But that’s just what some fans did and the images are already circulating on social media.

Previous teams that have lost to the Eagles after their fans placed the rival logo on Rocky’s statue include the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the Chiefs will be the first team to break the curse or if it will continue.