Boxing: Jake Paul reveals he spoke to Francis Ngannou about joining his promotion company

Apart from the celebrity boxing life he leads, Youtuber Jake Paul is also starting to venture into promoting new fighters from different types of sports. Right now he only does boxing but he revealed he is pursuing Francis Ngannou to become a part of his promotion company called Most Valuable Promotions. Currently, this company has already signed undisputed champion Amanda Serrano, who is arguably one of the best female boxers in the world. Paul also signed 19-year-old Ashton Sylve and another female boxer Katie Taylor, who is 112-0.

But Jake Paul’s plans are to lure Francis Ngannou as a multi disciplinary combat sports athlete for his promotion company. If they get to work together, ake Paul is not only planning to represent Ngannou as he goes into boxing but also do something MMA-related in the future. Francis recently relinquished his Heavyweight title and ended his relationship with the UFC in order to look for new opportunities that are more lucrative for him and his family. He has already talked about possibly fighting Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder algo mentioned he would love to fight Francis in the future.

Jake Paul can take Dana White’s chances at signing Ngannou again for good

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Jake Paul revealed his plans to possibly sign Francis Ngannou and keep sticking it to Dana White. This is what he said: “We have talked. The Most Valuable Promotions team, we talked to Francis, and we think we can do a great job for him. We share the same vision on a lot of things. Hopefully, Francis sees this as well but regardless, we’re always gonna be there to support him. I’ve been working on something in MMA. Francis is a great guy and I think there’s a lot of opportunities for us together.”