They refused a deal with PSG, they bite their fingers

This winter, it moved to the position of goalkeeper at Paris Saint-Germain. Relegated to the bench since the start of the season, Keylor Navas has indeed left the club to join Nottingham Forrest, but Sergio Rico could have packed his bags too. The Spaniard was in the sights of AC Milan, which without Mike Maignan is going through a very complicated period at the moment.

After a year of work-study, Christophe Galtier held to install Gianluigi Donnarumma as the only true holder of the PSG. This inevitably impacted the career of Keylor Navas, who finally had to leave during the winter transfer window, to join the Premier League and Nottingham Forest.

Milan preferred Tătărușanu to Rico…

Sergio Rico thus became the only number 2 of the PSG… but he could have been a starter elsewhere! Throughout the month of January, several clubs seem to have thought of the Spaniard and this is especially the case for theAC Milan.

And start to regret it!

Finally, the Rossoneri had decided to close discussions with the PSG, preferring to keep Ciprian Tătărușanu waiting for the return of Mike Maignan. Now, theAC Milan is going through a very delicate period and Sports Mediaset hints that it could have been different with another keeper.