Adidas to lose $1.3 billion due to Kanye West’s multiple anti-semitic comments

If you thought Kanye West was done doing harm to others with his erratic personality, think again because the consequences of his actions are starting to affect Adidas. The sportswear brand fired Kanye West after his anti-semitic comments became public, he doubled down on his hate towards Jewish people multiple times. They didn’t take long to end their contract with the Yeezy brand and didn’t care about the product with that branding that hadn’t been sold until that moment. In total, they made a total of $1.3 billion worth of Yeezy products.

Rather than trying to sell all that stock at major discount prices, Adidas decided to completely write everything off because they will not tolerate Kanye West’s attacks against ewish people. They are willing to lose that $1.3 billion in stock and recycle all those materials in order to make new products without that Yeezy branding on it. Shares of the company plummeted more than 11% on Friday morning according to Fortune as traders reacted to this update from Adidas themselves. Multiple other companies have parted ways with Kanye West after his attacks.

What has Kanye West been up to lately?

After all this mess Kanye West has been involved in, the latest development is that is trying to enjoy his recent marriage and attempt to be a good father to his children. Although the backlash from everything he did last year may last a lot longer than anybody would expect. In the near future, nobody expects Kanye West to associate himself with any major corporation. His Adidas designs were some of the most revolutionary of the modern era in sneaker culture but this completely ruins his legacy.