Newcastle owners not considering stadium move

Newcastle United’s owners are not considering a move to a different location to build a new stadium instead they are looking to develop St. James’ Park.

What’s the latest?

Since taking over, PIF have shared some ideas to help develop the club’s infrastructure and they have already begun to improve the facilities at Darsley Park.

However, the biggest taking point has been what will happen with St. James’ Park and how the club could look to potentially increase its capacity.

The club were handed a major boost in their plans to develop the current stadium after they successfully bought back a piece of land known as Strawberry Place opposite the Gallowgate End.

And on the back of this news, journalist Craig Hope has said on his YouTube channel that the owners are not considering leaving the club’s current home:

(10:45) “Now the alternative one which isn’t very palatable, which has been floated every now and again, I know one which the current regime do not want to entertain, is moving away from St. James’ Park and moving to alternative sites.

“There are plenty around the city. And if there wasn’t that attachment, and if this place, you know, didn’t mean so much to so many people. I think it is an option that will be explored.”

Here to stay

This is surely news which will delight the Toon Army with the club having a long history of playing their football at St. James’ Park.

And we have seen over the years moving elsewhere just to increase capacity is not always what the fans will want.

This can be seen through West Ham United’s move to Stratford after they won the bid for the old Olympic Stadium now known as the London Stadium.

Can you see NUFC moving in decades to come?





Although moving to an already-built stadium is not an option for the Magpies, it could be seen as the club leaving behind its historical home if they were to move away from the current site.

And this is a site which not only will have an importance to the match-going home fans but also for the away fans who will enjoy the accessibility of St. James’ Park to the city centre.

But it is apparent the club are going to face some major issues in their attempts to expand the current stadium so it will be interesting to see what the current infrastructure around the stadium will allow the club to do.

Real Madrid are currently undergoing a redevelopment of the Santiago Bernabeu, however, there would surely be major questions about whether the club have the space to do something along those lines.

There is no doubt the current stadium is fit for purpose – albeit with the need for more seats – but we do wonder what the future may bring in decades to come with the current site holding major limitations.