Dani Alves’ alleged victim wants to see him in prison, rejecting provisional release

Although it was mentioned a few days ago that Dani Alves‘ lawyers would do everything possible to have him released on bail, the legal team of the young woman who is the alleged victim of the former Pumas right-back has made it clear that there could be a risk of the Brazilian absconding.

Alves is in provisional detention without bail after being accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

His legal team has stated that he could be released on bail, but that he would have to do so wearing an ankle prisoner bracelet so he can be located, while his passport will be withdrawn and he will have to report to court daily. However, the alleged victim refuses to agree with these terms.

On Thursday, her lawyer, Ester Garcia, presented several written allegations for the Barcelona Court in order to retain Alves in custody at the Brians 2 Prison.

They believe that due to his financial resources, the former Barcelona player could find a way to flee the country.

According to information from EFE, the lawyer’s brief refutes the arguments of Alves‘ defense, which ensures there is no risk of him escaping justice.

“We understand that the risk of fleeing subsists, being necessary the precautionary measure imposed to guarantee his presence during the whole procedure, until a firm resolution is issued,” Garcia said.

Dani Alves admits there was penetration

Meanwhile, in one of his last statements Alves admitted that there was penetration during the time he spent alone with the 23-year-old girl at the nightclub.

“He has admitted that the sexual act was consummated through penetration”, Antena 3 journalist Carlos Quilez revealed.

If the information is true, it would be the fourth time that Dani Alves would be changing his statement, something that could play its role against the Brazilian.