Gisele Bündchen will be even more successful without Tom Brady in her life, reports

In the aftermath of Gisele Bündchen’s divorce with Tom Brady, there has been a lot to talk about the career the former QB will follow in broadcast media. Before he announced his retirement the entire world wanted to know which team he would choose next. But very few are thinking about Gisele Bündchen and her potential impact in the fashion world now that she is divorced and willing to get back to her modeling career in full force. Before she parted ways with Brady, Bündchen already had massive passive income streaming towrds her bank accounts from her many brands and products.

Those sales are what got her net worth to hundreds of dollars in wealth, but her modeling career can potentially make her a lot more money than that. She is fortunate that the fashion industry doesn’t really have a retirement age and she has remained relevant even when she wasn’t working. The biggest brands in the world have already hired her for major campaigns that will blow up when they come out. The product or apparel she’s advertising will not matter at all, Gisele will sell anything associated with her image and her name.

Gisele could earn far more money tham Tom Brady over 10 years

Granted, Bündchen now has two children who spend most of their time with her but being single will open up planty of time for her to dedicate it to her work. Not that she won’t be able to find love again but having a boyfriend is not nearly as time-consuming as being merried to someone for decades. Considering she plans to revive her career at 100% capacity, Gisele should take her love life slow and focus on what she feels more passionate about. Going back to the runway is what made her the fashion icon she is today. Time to dust off the modeling shoes and get back on the saddle. Over the next 10 years, there is no doubt Gisele can easily make north of $500 million, easy.