Shakira and Karol G postpone song against Piqu; Why did they do it and when will it be released?

We already know more details about the collaboration between Karol G and Shakira after all the rumors around the content of the piece performed by the two Colombian singers, whose release was scheduled for February 2, date in which both Shakira and Gerard Piqu celebrate their birthday.

However, in the last few days rumors began to surface about a change of plans and, instead, this Thursday a collaboration between Karol G with Romeo Santos, called “X si volvieras”, was released.

Why wasn’t Shakira and Karol G’s song released on Piqu’s birthday?

One of the most obvious reasons for the postponement is that there are still reminiscences of the earthquake caused by Shakira with the release of “BZRP Music Sessions #53”. It is still too early to try to compete with this worldwide hit and the record industry feels it is necessary to wait a bit hoping to get a new “bombshell” against Piqu.

But that would not be the only reason. Karol G also has her reasons: to make the release of her album, scheduled for the end of this month, more awaited. Therefore, they could release the single and the album on the same day, or with a difference of one day between one and the other.

When will Shakira and Karol G’s song against Piqu be released?

What is a certainty is that the song will go “hard and against them”, as a message to Piqu, since Karol G is an expert in spite lyrics. However, everything about the recording is an absolute secret.

Both the piece with Romeo Santos and the one with Shakira will be included in the album “Maana ser bonito”, from which the singles “Gatbela” and “Cairo” have already been released.

X si volvemos, the new song by Karol G and Romeo Santos

Who did take advantage of the occasion to become visible worldwide was “El Rey de la Bachata”, who shared on his social networks a video in which he can be seen listening to a part of the song, to reggaeton rhythm. While Karol G has also shared the singer’s message and, in a second message posted another video with a series of photos with the phrase ‘X si volvemos’ (X if we come back), referring to the new single.

The part of the song that can be heard contains phrases such as: “We didn’t work. We gave it our all, but it didn’t nurture. That’s why we’re leaving, but before we go, let’s do it one last time, baby / that in love we don’t, but in bed we understand each other. It’s a porno, I love how we do it.”

Another fragment of the single verses: “I already know, that in love I’m a disaster, I’m bandit and you’re gangster, I know how much time you wasted trying something serious”.

And a third verse says: “I know I’m not what you thought, but since you kissed me my malice you’ve been hooked, but let’s do it one last time”.