Why Italy is angry with Paul Pogba

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He has not yet played that Italy is already outraged. “Pogbasta”flatten out the Gazzetta dello Sport this Thursday, as we tell you in our press review. “The Frenchman is always more of a problem”, explains the Italian newspaper on its front page. The trigger for this clearly expressed rejection? Massimiliano Allegri’s statement at a press conference yesterday, on the eve of the match against Lazio (in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup this Thursday at 9 p.m.).

The Juventus coach formalized Paul Pogba’s package for this meeting, while his return was expected. “It’s difficult to start a car that has been standing still for a long time. Pogba’s problems stem from the fact that the engine needs to be reset. In 2-3 months maybe he will be in optimal conditions… I am waiting for the contribution of a player who has only played 45 minutes with Juve since April and then stopped. »

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The choice of Pogba comes back on the carpet

It all started on July 24, when Paul Pogba injured his knee during training during the Turin club’s summer tour of the United States. Rather than the operation, the French midfielder prefers the soft solution, in the hope of participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with the France team. Already at the time, this choice went badly in the Italian newspapers, which clearly suspected the player of favoring the Blues over Juve. Pogba finally resigns himself in September to go through the operation box, with an unavailability of 45 to 60 days initially planned. 5 months later, it still hasn’t pushed back a single lawn.

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There gazzetta rises through these lines: “How is it possible that Juventus pays the full salary of a player who decided to postpone surgery without assessing what the risk would be for the interests of his club? Nobody could force him to have surgery, God forbid, but it is unfair that his choice (legitimate but proven to be completely failed) is paid for solely and entirely by Juve..

A salary that is already problematic

His relapse mentioned by Allegri at a press conference therefore sounds like the problem too many in the eyes of the Italian press. And even to those of the Turin leaders. The former management, recently revoked, had even considered depriving him of the collective bonuses planned for the season, since he did not play a single match. With his salary of €8 million (plus bonuses estimated at €2 million) per season, the Frenchman weighs heavily in Turin’s finances, while he has a contract until 2026.

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In a sporting crisis, in total reconstruction behind the scenes, Juventus is therefore seriously considering the future of the Frenchman. There Gazzetta dello Sport ensures that the idea of ​​a separation is not ruled out. It would still be necessary for a club to come and invest in a player who has not given many physical guarantees in recent seasons and whose salary is substantial.

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