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Knowing this book was on its way, I had mixed feelings.

On one hand, Ferrari is hardly underexposed in the literary world (apparently their battles at Le Mans with Ford are quite interesting). On the other, both Evro and author William Huon are known for the quality of their titles, so I was hoping this would comfortably surpass the usual Ferrari landfill fodder.

I’m delighted to report this is very much the case, with The Hallowed Years being the strongest Ferrari-focused title I’ve read in many years.

Offering a year-by-year, race-by-race summary of the six racing seasons between 1960-65, ‘The Hallowed Years’ chronicles a pivotal and dramatic period – both for the sport and for Ferrari itself.

In Formula 1 the book starts with the transition from front-engined machinery, moving to the iconic shark-nose, onto the tragedy of Monza in 1961 and subsequent glory with John Surtees. All the while, this is underpinned by sportscar success at Le Mans. In summary, it is a lot of ground to cover.

Huon does this deftly, supported by an excellent translation by David Waldron. The prose moves along at speed, pausing to profile the key figures, while also remaining rooted in the sport’s wider context.

What makes the book, however, is the inclusion of a wealth of images from the legendary Bernard Cahier, which bring the period vividly to life, whilst also capturing a wealth of detail that prose alone couldn’t cover. It is also a sharp, if hard to believe, reminder that Formula 1 was spectacular and glamourous, long before the Netflix cameras arrived in the paddock.

A substantial coffee table offering (with price tag to boot) ‘The Hallowed Years’ is aimed towards collectors and fans of the era, but for those so inclined this is well worth the investment.

Great books about Ferrari are few and far between, this is one of them.

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Rating four out of five

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Ferrari: 1960-65 – The Hallowed Years

Author: William Huon (translated by David Waldron)
Publisher: Evro Publishing
Published: December 2022
Pages: 368
Price: £75
ISBN: 978-1-910505-81-6

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