Gisele Bündchen spotted horseback riding with BJJ instructor Joaquim Valente

It all points at Gisele Bündchen continuing to hanmg out with Jiu-Jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente, who was spotted riding horses with the super model in Costa Rica back in January 18. The images reveal the two of them are spending more quality time together without Gisele’s children, which leaves everything open for interpretation. Gisele’s reps have vehemently denied any type of relationship with the instructor but they are increasingly spending more time together and having a great time as they do. None of them have confirmed they are a couple but their behavior is starting to seem like they are at least spending a little too much time together.

Joaquim Valente’s initial interactions with Gisele

Right after Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen filed for divorce, the super model started getting photographed with Valente hanging out with her kids. The initial reports confirmed all he did was offer martial arts lessons to her and the children but things have escalated lately. the kids are currently in the United States spending time with their father, which allowed Gisele to take some time for her own. How does she spend it? By going out horse riding with Valente in Costa Rica, the pair even shared a set of AirPods as they enjoyed their stroll in the jungle. Pararazzi were quick to spot them and quickly realize who they were.

The BJJ instructor hasn’t really moved away from the rumors, he has spent more time with Gisele Bündchen despite anything the tabloids report. This could be considered a direct response to rumors by not denying anything, althoug Gisele still has to come out and address any of this. At first, Valente was only tagging along in family vacations as the family’s instructor but now things progressed to a point of no return. Without the kids on sight, this seems more like dating than any type of professional relationship between instructor and client. You can check out the images by yourself in the tweet below.