ASSE accused of cheating, he cries foul

After a catastrophic first part of the season, concluded with a red lantern place in Ligue 2, ASSE took advantage of the winter transfer window to strengthen itself, and relaunch in the race to maintain. A situation which has created some criticism within the championship, since teams believe that they are not fighting on equal terms with the Greens. But Denis Balbir steps up to the plate.

Relegated to League 2I’ASSE experienced a catastrophic first part of the season with the key to a red lantern place which jeopardizes the future of the club. Consequently, to avoid disaster, the residents of Saint-Etienne took advantage of the winter transfer window to strengthen themselves drastically with the arrivals of Gaetan Charbonnier, Dennis Appiah, Gautier Larsonneur, Kader Bamba and Niels Nkounkou. A significant recruitment for a team of L2 which has aroused several criticisms, in particular from opponents of the Greens who consider themselves aggrieved. But Denis Balbir don’t understand these comments.

“I find it difficult to understand this feeling of injustice”

So yes, I have heard here and there clubs complaining about the winter transfer window. Valenciennes mourns Gautier Larsonneur, some direct competitors are annoyed by the inequity and the fact that Sainté was able to rebuild a team in January… Personally, I find it difficult to understand this feeling of injustice that transpires from the speech from other clubs. Was it ASSE that created the Mercato d’hiver? No ! The presidents did not have the knife under the throat to sell their players. If they do, it’s because they find themselves there. I am thinking in particular of the VAFC for Larsonneur. Why didn’t they fight to keep it instead of complaining afterwards? asks the journalist in his column for GOAL Soccer Clubbefore continuing.

“I really have a hard time with this jealousy”

That some clubs have less resources than ASSE in Ligue 2 is just normality. We push open doors. I really have a hard time with this jealousy. Saint-Etienne benefits like others from the winter Mercato. It’s fine to have compassion for the Greens and talk about a monument of French football in danger before facing them, but behind it you have to keep a coherent discourse. Saint-Etienne does not break any rules by recruiting on a transfer window which is open to all. No one has a say in that. All we can underline is that ASSE is in the process of achieving what it has not done for a long time: a good Mercato. Congratulations to the decision-makers for having been able to achieve recruitment of this quality, at low cost and in a hurry. », adds Denis Balbir.