Shannon Sharpe would only pick Patrick Mahomes over Joe Burrow ahead of clash

The NFL NFC Conference final is about to take place on Sunday between Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs vs Joe Burrow’s Cincinatti Bengals. During his most recent game, Mahomes suffered a major injury that could be a key element in Sunday’s game. If that injury hadn’t taken place, Mahomes would be the undisputed favorite to win the game but this adds more hype to the match-up. Joe Burrow is also one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, ESPN pundit Shannon Sharpe thinks only second to Patrick Mahomes.

During Undisputed with Skip Bayless, Sharpe echoed what he already mentioned back in 2022. When asked who is the better QB, this is what Sharpe said: “I’m still saying Patrick Mahomes because I haven’t seen any reason to change my mind. And I do believe Joe Burrow is an outstanding quarterback. What he’s been able to do overcoming the ACL on his rookie season Skip. He hasn’t looked back. I’m not saying he’s not the second-best quarterback. Patrick Mahomes might be the only guy currently that I would take over Joe Burrow.”

Could Patrick Mahomes overcome his ankle injury?

During the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Patrick Mahomes picked up a nasty ankle injury that didn’t prevent him from staying on the field with massive bandaging all around it. Mahomes clearly couldn’t run fast but he could send a few effective passes that led the Chiefs to that 27-20 win. On Sunday’s NFC Conference final, we will know for certain how much that sprained ankle can affect Patrick Mahomes’ game against the Bengals. As for Burrow, he might bank on this opportunity of an injured Mahomes can bring to his aspirations of playing his second consecutive Super Bowl.