Shakira in dig at Pique with “sweatshirt of shame”

Shakira and Gerard Pique continue to be on everyone’s lips and despite being officially separated since June, it seems that the quarrels between them have no end in sight.

The Colombian recently released the BZRP Music Sessions #53 with Bizarrap, throwing everything at the former Blaugrana defender and mentioning his new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Social media went crazy over this and showed, mostly, their support for Shakira, while Pique has been the target of mockery and contempt of many people.

That said, the owner of Kosmos has not stood idly by, and in a mocking way has responded to the digs thrown his way by his ex-partner.

For example, Pique was seen using a Casio and a Twingo in a nod to Shakira’s song.

Shakira’s latest swipe

But it seems that this exchange of not-so-subtle digs is going to carry on for a long time, as Shakira recently appeared wearing a sweatshirt with the legend “Women no longer cry, women bill”.

This is an already iconic phrase from her song with Bizarrap and she rocked it while thanking the support of some fans from the balcony of her house in Barcelona.

According to several media, on the day this happened, inside the singer’s house they were celebrating her son Milan’s birthday.

The child’s father was also briefly present.

Milan’s birthday, reason for reunion between Shakira and Pique

The oldest son of the ex-couple has reached double figures, so it was his turn to be the protagonist.

And although earlier in the weekend he was with his father, on Sunday he returned to his mother’s house to celebrate his birthday.

Gerard Pique personally took it upon himself to take his kids to their mother’s place, and stopped by the front of Shakira’s house.

But it is not yet known if there was a reunion between the former Spain international and Shakira.

As soon as he left his children with their mother, the former Barcelona player went to his parents’ house, who live next door to the Colombian.