Thiago Alcantara reveals the cause for Liverpool’s current crisis

Thiago Alcantara, Liverpool‘s Spanish midfielder, acknowledged that the Reds’ failed attempt to try to win the quadruple crown (EFL Cup, FA Cup, Premier League, and Champions League) last season is weighing them down this season.

In their quest for the quadruple, Liverpool played every possible game of the season, winning the EFL and FA Cups against Chelsea, while they lost the Champions League final against Real Madrid and finished second in the Premier League, a solitary point behind Manchester City.

Two weeks ago, Jurgen Klopp highlighted the fact that they had underestimated the cost of playing for all four titles last season, with Thiago now echoing his coach’s sentiments.

“It’s not just about physical aspects,” Thiago stated to the Daily Mail.

“It’s something psychological, because we were very close to winning it all and we just touched it, but unfortunately it’s gone. In bad times, we have to be together as a team.”

Liverpool’s plan to save the season

After the draw against Chelsea, Liverpool is currently in ninth place in the Premier League with 29 points, a full 10 points behind the Champions League places.

Thiago though wants to take each game as it comes believing this is a better approach for the team to psychologically follow.

“We go game by game to add points that help us be as high as possible,” Thiago stated.

“Our goal is the next game. Not to be in the top four or in the Europa League, just the next game. There is a long way to go in the season. We are alive in the Champions League and in the FA Cup.

“We are not in the position we want in the Premier League, but we are still there and that is good.”