Why was AJ Brown upset despite Eagles leading Giants by a ton of points?

During the regular season, one of the Philadelphia Eagles most lethal and successful offensive weapons was their stellar wide receiver, A.J. Brown, who finished with elite numbers: 88 receptions, 1,496 yards and 11 touchdowns.

These numbers, coupled with his competitive spirit, have made him a dangerous weapon for his team, which is one step away from returning to a Super Bowl after destroying the New York Giants by a score of 38-7 in the first NFC Divisional Game.

He made no secret of his frustration at not being more involved in the game

Brown is a professional, but also a star, and he is used to having the spotlight on him, especially if it is an important game. But the Eagles’ demonstration of power was such that his intervention was hardly required in the offense of the team coached by Nick Sirianni.

AJ finished the game with only three receptions for 22 yards, the longest being 12 yards, with no touchdowns. During a moment of the game, when the score was 31-7 in his favor, the cameras caught him sitting on the bench with a gesture of discomfort that he could not hide.

The image immediately went viral, so some comments began about whether he was really upset, although some went to the extreme and published that he was rather bored, as the game was completely loaded on the side of the locals

He caused an alarm that was soon extinguished

AJ’s image and attitude put Eagles fans on alert, as some rumors started that he might be upset going into the NFC championship game and should be focused on it.

But the concern was short-lived, as soon after an image of him also went viral in which he can be seen saying “I’m fine”, so it seems that everything is in order in the city of brotherly love, which next week will host a much more powerful rival than the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers battle for the second ticket to the NFC finals on Sunday when they meet in Santa Clara at 6:30 PM ET.