Juventus accidentally remind fans of -15 Serie A points

The Juventus social media team was responsible for a campaign that showed some poor timing, as they happily advertised a discount on tickets for the Atalanta game of -15 per cent.

This Serie A match kicks off on Sunday evening at the Allianz Juventus Stadium at 19.45 GMT.

It is the first outing since the verdict from the sporting justice system docked 15 points from their total over artificially inflated transfer fees to boost capital gains.

So it was quite the coincidence that on posters and social media announcements for this very game, Juventus were loudly touting the discount on tickets for their most loyal fans: -15.

The Bianconeri are going to appeal the verdict and hope to have it overturned, but it has seen them plummet from third place to 10th in the Serie A standings in one fell swoop.

They expect that supporters will be right behind them in the stands of the match against Atalanta, although it might not be packed out.