Patrick Mahomes limps off field with injury, furious when Andy Reid sits him

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes limped off the Arrowhead Stadium field after suffering a right knee injury near the end of the first quarter of the Divisional Round against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday.

Mahomes, 27, went back in the game despite being visibly hurt, and nearly cost his team a turnover, but was fortunate the call was an incomplete pass.

In the opening minutes of the second quarter, Mahomes was finally taken back inside the locker room to evaluate his injury. He threw a bit of a fit before walking away, tossing his coat to the ground.

Despite Mahomes pleading his case to head coach Andy Reid to keep him in the game, backup QB Chad Henne took over and led Kansas City to a touchdown on his opening drive.

Mahomes is officially questionable to return, but was seen on the sideline with a much better tape job. As of this publication, Chiefs lead the Jaguars 17-7 in the third quarter.

Patrick Mahomes returns for second half

After the halftime break, Mahomes returned to the field looking healthy, no longer limping like he was earlier.

He did, however, scramble for a first down and then once again hobbled slightly.

Mahomes and company were forced to punt on his first drive back on the field.

This is a developing story.