Barcelona: Dani Alves is added to the “blacklist” of Brazilian soccer players accused of sexual violence

Dani Alves is going through one of the most complicated moments of his life after being accused of sexual assault and now the former Barcelona player was sentenced to prison without bail. This is not the first time that a Brazilian soccer player is accused of sexual harassment and violence.

After being accused of an alleged sexual assault on a girl at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, Dani Alves testified and was imprisoned. He was accused of non-consensual touching and, hours after being imprisoned, Pumas UNAM terminated his contract.

Dani Alves’ last club terminated his contract upon arrest

Pumas’ Leopoldo Silva made a statement about the club’s decision regarding Dani Alves’ imprisonment “Regarding the legal process that Daniel Alves is facing and for which he is being detained in Spain, we have determined the following: Club Universidad Nacional has made the decision to terminate the contract of player Daniel Alves as of this day,”

Neymar Jr. was also accused of rape in 2019

Back in 2019, PSG’s Neymar was accused by a model, who claimed to have been the victim of rape in a Paris hotel. Three years earlier he was also accused by a Nike employee, who said that the player tried to force her to perform oral sex on him.

Robson de Souza “Robinho”, who played for Real Madrid, reportedly participated in a gang rape of a young woman in 2013 in a nightclub in Milan. In 2017 he was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Cuca Alexi Stival “Cuca”, who is a historical coach in Brazil, was involved in a scandal of having sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl in 1987.

Brandao was accused of rape in 2011 by a 24-year-old girl. He accepted that he had relations with her, but without forcing her. Alessandro Faiolhe Amantino “Mancini”, was accused of raping a young woman and, although he denied the accusations, he was sentenced to two years and 8 months in prison.