Gerard Pique spotted at Paris NBA game with Russian super model amid Shakira feud

One would think Gerard Pique would keep his head down after the damaging diss song Shakira wrote about him. Those who think that clearly don’t know the former footballer and entrepeneur one bit. The reality is that he has always managed to take any type of attack or criticism against him and spin it in a way that can always benefit him. In recent days, Gerard Pique threatened to get sponsorship from brands such as Casio and Renault after Shakira’s references against him and his new girlfriend in his song. Those turned out to be empty threats but he is already out and about while enjoying his new freedom from the pop star.

On Thursday evening, Gerard Pique attended the NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons that was played in Paris. The Kings Peague president attended the game on his own but he got to spend some time with one of the most famous super models in the world. She actually dated Cristiano Ronaldo for many years. We are obviously talking about Irina Shayk, who didn’t miss the chance to get a picture with the former FC Barcelona defender. Pique enjoyed the game and got together with Goran Dragic after for more publicity commitments.

Gerard Pique didn’t look too happy at the NBA game

Even though he was posing for pictures and interacting with other celebrities, Gerard Pique was actually not very happy at the event. He was spotted several times with a long face and deep in his thoughts. All the bad publicity he got from the extremely public falling out with Shakira must be affecting him on some level. Regardless of how much he wants to appear like he doesn’t care, we need to keep in mind his children are watching this with front row tickets to the entire scandal. Making this trip to the Paris NBA game must’ve been a breath of fresh air as the world falls apart in front of him back in Barcelona.