Prince Harry’s strategy against Royal Family had no effect: Could he apologise to them?

Prince Harry’s memoir called ‘Spare’ hit online stores almost two weeks ago and it has already broken sales records all around the world. In this biographical book, the prince details many parts of his life inside the Monarchy as part of The Firm. He airs some sensitive pieces of information about his family, mostly about his father and his brother. Prince Harry’s intention was to get the Royals to recognize they have made mistakes and kept on floating his wish for them to apologize to his wife. However, this strategy is simply not working as King Charles III and Prince William have made no statements about Harry’s book. They have remained radio silent and the prince is already starting to cave.

Could Prince Harry apologize first?

We need to understand that despite he keeps saying he wants to stick by his wife and children, Prince Harry is still a fish out of water. This is the life of a royal family member who only knew privilege throughout his entire life. Coming out into the real world so violently will obviously make him homesick and yearning for his father and brother’s approval. Even though he honestly feels they have wronged his wife, there is still a part of Prince Harry that wants to make peace with his family. The people who grew up and grew old besides him are the ones he obviously still feels an important attatchment towards.

According to The News, Prince Harry is definitely considering extending an olivebranch to King Charles III and Prince William. But there is still a major issue with this, Meghan Markle wants for this push against the Royal Family to continue. Should Prince Harry attempt to make amends, there is a real possibility that Meghan Markle will turn her back on the prince. In fact, she has been almost completely absent from Prince Harry’s book tour in the United States of America while looking at all the reactions from a distance. Back in the UK, King Charles III has reportedly rejected every single aspect of Prince Harry’s campaign against the Crown despite not making any official statements about it.