Lolo Jones’ serious claims: She erupts after being dangerously harassed by several men

Lolo Jones raised the alarms in a message through her Instagram account about different cases of harassment she has suffered in the last year.

The 40-year-old Olympic athlete spoke of men crossing some serious red lines with her and alleged “three different male harassers”.

“On three occasions men have crossed the line, endangered my safety and the safety of my friends and disrupted my life,” Jones complained.

“One guy came into the Olympic training center and stayed all night hoping to find me. Another has continued to harass my friends to track me down. And finally, one guy showed up at my house and told the police that he knew me from Instagram and that I had invited him to come live with me.”

The athlete exploded over what happened and sent an clear message.

“If there was any confusion here’s me being very f**king clear: I’m not interested. NEVER. This is not the way forward. To make it clear: I DO NOT WANT TO DATE ANYONE ON INSTAGRAM,” Jones wrote alongside a photo of one of the alleged stalkers, picked up by her home security camera.

In the post, the man terrifyingly appears at the front door of her home.