List Of Senior Bowl Coaches Confirmed For Next Months Showdown

With the Senior Bowl set to take place on February 4, the coaches have been confirmed for the match with a new “coach up” format being debuted this year. 

For those that aren’t aware, the Senior Bowl is a post-season college football all-star game played annually which showcases the best NFL Draft prospects of those players have completed their college eligibility.

With the new format being highlighted this year, the Senior Bowl traditionally used whole coaching staffs of non-playoff teams, however this year they’ve introduced a new “coach up” format in an effort to promote young coaching talent in the NFL.

The league’s 18 non-playoff teams had been invited to nominate coordinators for head coach positions, and coordinator positions.

With that being said, Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will serve as head coach for the American team, and Las Vegas Raiders defensive coordinator will be in charge of the National squad.

Confirmed Coaches


Head Coach: Luke Getsy (Bears OC)

Offensive Coordinator: Charles London (Falcons QB’s coach)

Defensive Coordinator: DeMarcus Covington (Patriots D-line coach)


Head Coach: Patrick Graham (Raiders DC)

Offensive Coordinator: Ronald Curry (Saints OB’s coach/passing game coordinator)

Defensive Coordinator: Grady Brown (Steelers DB’s coach)

The 74th edition of the Senior Bowl will be played on Saturday Feb. 4 at South Albama’s Hancock Whitney Stadium.

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