Russell Crowe reveals the reason he hasn’t returned to America in four years

Australiaan actor Russell Crowe has been one of the most respected figures in Hollywood over the last 20 years. He won the Academy Award for his performance in Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator’ film. Even before that, he was already an accomplished actor but that Oscar opened Hollywood’s doors nice and wide for him. For a time, Russell actually lived in the United States at times and had homes in different cities. But the star hasn’t stepped on U.S. soil for the last four years. One would think he has a problem with the country but he was recently asked about it during an interview.

As it turns out, Russell Crowe simply stopped coming altogether since the global pandemic started at the end of 2019. Despite this, Russell has made films in countries like Thailand, Malta, England Ireland and Australia. Russell hasn’t had the need to travel to America in order to get work. Crowe has many different projects right around the corner in his own country too. This is what he told 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin breakfast Monday show: “My American friends are like ‘what’s going on?’. I haven’t been back since for a press tour. I’ve been able to wrangle a way to do most of the press sitting here on the phone on the farm.”

No indication Russell Crowe has anything against the U.S.

There were online rumors and people responding to his social media posts asking if he had anything against the United States. A country that hasa been divided even beforethe global pandemic hit and didn’t exactly handle the crisis in the best possible manner. Crowe saw it more practical to keep working outside of the United States for many reasons but nothing against the U.S. In fact, Russell will definitely return as soon as a new project that is based in this country comes knocking on his door. For now, he doesn’t need to come.