NFL Playoffs History: Can all teams from one division make the NFL playoffs?

The NFL is getting towards the business end of the regular season before the playoffs begin, leading us towards the highly anticipated Super Bowl.

The regional leagues have been underway for months now and it is starting to look very likely that a couple of divisions could have three different teams making it into the playoffs. Usually, the playoffs are made up of a mixture of teams from different regions.

If the season were to end right now, the whole of the AFC East would make it into the post-season matches. The unprecedented inclusion of an entire division is only possible thanks in large part because of the NFL’s addition of a No. 7 seed in the playoffs back in 2020.

Since the change to four divisions per conference in the 2002 season, three teams making the postseason from the same division has happened nine times.

These are the nine occasions in which that happened:

  • 2006 NFC East: Eagles (10-6), Cowboys (9-7), Giants (8-8)
  • 2007 NFC East: Cowboys (13-3), Giants (10-6), Washington (9-7)
  • 2007 AFC South: Colts (13-3), Jaguars (11-5), Titans (10-6)
  • 2011 AFC North: Ravens (12-4), Steelers (12-4), Bengals (9-7)
  • 2013 AFC West: Broncos (13-3), Chiefs (11-5), Chargers (9-7)
  • 2014 AFC North: Steelers (11-5), Bengals (10-5-1), Ravens (10-6)
  • 2017 NFC South: Saints (11-5), Panthers (11-5), Falcons (10-6)
  • 2020 AFC North: Steelers (12-4), Ravens (11-5), Browns (11-5)
  • 2021 NFC West: Rams (12-5), Cardinals (11-6), 49ers (10-7)

The NFC East has already seen three teams make it through to the divisional round of the playoffs this season, and they are the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. That shows that the NFC East is operating at a very high standard right now.