Jeremy Renner’s injuries are “much worse than anyone imagined”

The state of Jeremy Renner‘s health remains unknown after the accident that the 52-year-old actor suffered on January 1 at his home in Reno. It is public knowledge that he is out of life-threatening danger, but more details are unknown.

Radar Online has spoken with his closest friends, who have shed some light on his situation.

The words of the actor’s circle are blunt. “The injuries he has are much worse than anyone imagines. Jeremy is very aware that he could have died. He was in a lot of pain, had trouble breathing and almost bled to death while waiting for help to arrive,” they told the outlet.

Una de las publicaciones recientes del actor en Instagram.

Una de las publicaciones recientes del actor en Instagram.

A 6,500-kilogram snowplow on top of him

Renner‘s health has been worrying his fans since January 1. The actor was hit by a snowplow weighing 6,500 kilos, so the seriousness of what happened is obvious.

Radar Online has consulted different sources who maintain that he is in intensive care, but is stable.

In addition, they have given some details about the medical interventions he has been forced to undergo.

“The damage to his chest was so important that it had to be reconstructed with surgery.”

In fact, the same source points out that he might need two years to be in optimal shape.

Renner has already undergone two surgeries, but his journey through the operating rooms is probably not over.

“It is likely that he will require more surgery on his leg. Doctors usually space out operations so that the body can recover naturally and this is the case,” said the sources consulted.