World Cup 2022: Scaloni: There are some behaviors that Emiliano Martinez will not be happy about

Argentina’s World Cup-winning coach Lionel Scaloni has admitted that some of the things done by Emiliano Dibu Martinez after their win over France are things that the goalkeeper may look back on differently.

Martinez courted a lot of controversy after the World Cup win for the way in which he celebrated the triumph, particularly for his odd singling out of Kylian Mbappe for some very public teasing.

“There are some behaviors that Martinez won’t be happy with, but he’s a spectacular kid. He’s a boy. It’s unbelievable what a good kid he is, you should meet him,” Scaloni said to El Partidazo.

“He was one of the discoveries that gave us enormous joy. He has a personality that has given a lot to the group. There are some behaviors… but he is a boy.”

La charla entre Scaloni y Messi que lo cambi todo

Led to the trophy by an inspired Lionel Messi, Scaloni recalled his first job after taking over the Argentina post, which was to bring the now-Paris Saint-Germain star back to the international group.

“The first thing [Pablo] Aimar and I did when we were appointed to lead the national team was to have a video call with Messi,” Scaloni said. “He told us that he thought he wanted to join us and the first thing we said to him was ‘we are waiting for you – come back.’ And so he did, he came back after seven or eight months and found an incredible group.”

Scaloni also chose Messi as the greatest player of all time, even over Diego Maradona.

“My father had a stroke and only moves one hand. And with that hand, before the World Cup, he used it to raise the cup, to win it,” Scaloni said. “I used to tell him ‘Dad, stop. Put your hand down, stop.’ He was always very optimistic and was convinced that it was going to happen.

“The World Cup was like a movie and an incredible journey. The key to the whole tournament was to have enjoyed it, knowing how difficult it was and that anyone could win it.

“Until the 80th minute it was a spectacular match but from then on it was different. I have the images and the match in my head. It was a pity we didn’t close it out in 90 minutes because it would have been unfair for France to score a goal at the end of extra time.

“The team talk in the final was very emotional. I got emotional and couldn’t go on. We felt it was a spectacular moment.”

Scaloni continued, reflecting on his own playing days, and said there’s no way he would have been good enough to play in this current Argentina group.

“I wouldn’t be able to play in this national team,” he said.

“As a player, I had a lot of balls, heart, grit…. I could not play in this team. I would have no place in this team, not even to accompany the guys, as I did at the 2006 World Cup. The level has risen a lot.

“I would have been a bit like Rodrigo De Paul, but he is much better than I ever was.”