Russell Gage’s scary neck injury adds further gloom to Bucs finale, some call for Donovan Wilson suspension

Fans online are calling for a suspension of Cowboys safety Donovan Wilson. The Dallas safety hit Tampa Bay receiver Russell Gage in the back of the head late in the 4th quarter with a late hit in what many are deeming as un unnecessary ‘dirty’ play.

As a result of the play, when the game was already far out of reach for Tampa (who lost 31-14), Russell Gage was strapped to a backboard and carted off the field.

Gage slipped and fell to the turf while running a route and took a blow to the neck area as he went down. He was unable to get to his feet and silence fell over the stadium as players took a knee and medical personnel tended to him.

Players from both teams took a knee and prayed while medical personnel attended to Gage. Tom Brady, who threw the pass to Gage, stood near the medical staff before the game resumed.

Medical personnel took care of Gage for over 5 minutes

The medical personnel took care of Gage for over 5 minutes, in scenes hauntingly similar (though obviously not as dire) as the Damar Hamlin incident on Monday Night Football in Week 17.

The scene on the field became heart-wrenching when Gage appeared to try to get up but couldn’t and slammed his hand into the ground in frustration. The Bucaneers have not yet provide any detail on his injury.