Ravens TE Mark Andrews Hits 20.72 MPH Chasing Sam Hubbard

On a play that totally changed the NFL Wild Card Round game between the Bengals and the Ravens, Sam Hubbard took a fumble return 98 yards for a touchdown. On that play, Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews tried to chase Hubbard down and almost got there. The 6-foot-5, 250 lbs Andrews hit a top speed of 20.72 MPH in pursuit of Hubbard. That is some going for a man of that size, but how does it compare to the fastest ball carriers from the 2022/23 season so far?

3. Breece Hall – 21.87 MPH

New York Jets running back Breece Hall reached a top speed of 21.87 MPH in week 7 of the season. Hall took the ball 62 yards for a touchdown on a toss to the left and left the Denver Broncos in the dust.

Hall was going over a mile per hour quicker than Andrews, but plays at a position where this type of speed is more common and expected. It still doesn’t make it any less thrilling to watch.

2. Kenneth Walker – 22.09 MPH

Seattle running back Kenneth Walker is one of just two players to top 22 MPH this season. Walker ripped off a 74-yard touchdown run in the Seahawks’ week seven victory over the LA Chargers.

Walker’s run also came on a toss play, but this one went to the right. Much like Breece Hall, Walker left a trail of defenders struggling to keep up on his way to the end zone.

1. Parris Campbell – 22.11 MPH

parris campbell

This season’s fastest ball carrier so far is Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Parris Campbell. Campbell hit 22.11 MPH in the Colts’ week 18 loss to the Houston Texans.

Campbell was known for his speed at Ohio State and that has now translated to the NFL with his top speed being hit on this end around.

It is crazy to think that Campbell would have been easily pulling away from Mark Andrews, even as fast as he was running on Sunday. It was a career high for Andrews, who unfortunately for him, couldn’t quite catch Sam Hubbard.