Snoop Dogg calls out Anthony Davis yet again over his last performances

One of the biggest Los Angeles Lakers supporters is the infamous Los Angeles rap legend Snoop Dogg.

And naturally, he is quite upset with the performance of his beloved team’s 2022-23 NBA season. He appears especially irritated by the fact that Anthony Davis, one of the Lakers’ two biggest talents, can never remain healthy.

This week, Snoop Dogg vented his fury on social media.

To which Snoop Dog responded in the comments: “How? When we never play together for 2 weeks healthy. I’m [losing] faith. A. D. Need to get his body tight like Lebron, I’m tired of seeing him on bench in street clothes. Yeah I said it what are we doing?”

Snoop Dogg’s beef with Anthony Davis

Keep in mind that Snoop Dogg and Davis have had a history of conflict. That being said, it is not entirely unexpected that tensions are escalating.

Snoop Dogg’s devotion to the Lakers is a major factor in this. This man physically sports a tattoo honoring his fandom.

In addition, he has a reputation for harboring resentment. Kawhi Leonard made it a point to make amends with Snoop Dogg by giving him a unique present after deciding to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers rather than the Los Angeles Lakers.

Snoop Dogg’s argument has merit, and it is difficult to refute it. Davis does sustain numerous wounds. And according to current rumors, his most recent injury may prevent him from working for up to eight months. That’s not very good.

More significantly, it has fundamentally altered the Lakers’ original plan for the NBA Trade Deadline.