“It’s starting to do a lot”, Marquinhos gets annoyed after the rout of PSG

New defeat for PSG which, like some big European clubs, does not experience the resumption of the championship in the best way. In Rennes (1-0 defeat), Paris did not offer much, which has the gift of annoying its captain, the Brazilian Marquinhos.

It’s a Marquinhos annoyed who presented himself at the microphone of Premium Video after the meeting between reindeer and the PSG Sunday night (1-0). Defeated, the Parisians have only three small points ahead of the RC Lenshis dolphin in League 1. And the captain insisted on the need to bounce back quickly.

Find intensity

Marquinhos declares: “It’s been twice this year (that we lose). We need to find solidity, intensity in the duels. These are matches that are played on details. They made us pay for it. We had chances we didn’t manage to score, it’s starting to make a lot of points that we lose”. Little restless in the game, the Parisians will have framed only one shot against Rennes.

Don’t get in trouble

Marquinhos continues: “These are difficult matches, we must not start losing too many, otherwise we will be in difficulty”. the PSG will welcome Reims for his next game League 1 next January 29.