Boxing: Faitelson attacks Canelo again for wanting rematch with Bivol at super middleweight

David Faitelson likes to generate controversy as part of his character in the media, pointing fingers at athletes and sports institutions, and one of his main focuses is the boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez, against whom he once again lashed out.

Now Faitelson criticised Canelo for wanting to have a rematch against Russian Dmitry Bivol at 168 pounds and not at light heavyweight, which was the weight at which he lost in May 2022.

He also branded him as conceited for not accepting defeat and for not seeking a fight against David Benavidez, for fear of another defeat.

“He doesn’t know how to lose”

“I think Canelo is a cocky guy, just as I recognise him as a guy who is very disciplined, I also think he has too much pride and doesn’t know how to lose,” Faitelson said during a segment on ESPN, in which he shared a panel with Bernardo Osuna, the US network’s boxing expert.

“He has to understand that in boxing you lose, why doesn’t he dedicate himself to looking for a fight with Benavidez, he turns the tables on Benavidez.”

Canelo wants to take rematch with Bivol to his own weight

The journalist has built his character in a similar vein to his mentor Jose Ramon Fernandez, btu Faitelson has focused on Canelo, whom he judged for trying to take advantage in negotiations with a lucrative financial offer, so that Bivol would agree to fight at 168 and not at 175 pounds.

“You have to accept that when Canelo goes to 175 it gives certain advantages,” Faitelson added.

“He loses out on being a natural 168. That’s fine. If it’s a great fight, you have to make it.

“What I think is that Canelo wants to tell the world ‘let’s see, Bivol at 168 I beat him’. Maybe.

“He’s the best fighter in the world and one of the best super middleweight fighters in history.”