Le Graët set back, a club president gets carried away!


If Noël Le Graët was unanimous against him following his comments on Zinedine Zidane, a president of a French club defended the president of the French Football Federation.

Noël Le Graët France French FFF Team

It’s support that will surely make Noël Le Graët smile again. Withdrawn last Wednesday by the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation following his resounding declarations on the future of Zinedine Zidane, until the publication of the audit by the Ministry of Sports, the Breton leader was defended by the president of a French championship club.

Pushed out while his contract runs until 2024, the 81-year-old man has obtained the support of Fred Le Grand, the president of Guingamp. A position far from surprising in view of the strong relationship between the two men and the link which unites Noël Le Graët to the Costa Rican club, resident of the Ligue 2, because it is necessary to remember that he was in the past mayor of Guingamp and president of En Avant.

“The violence of the words is always disproportionate”

In a newspaper interview West Francethe boss of Guingamp does not understand the incessant criticism suffered by the native of Bourbriac. “My friendship for Noël Le Graët is no secret to anyone. You will agree with me that the media frenzy that Christmas is currently experiencing is not pleasant. The treatment in the media, as on social networks, says a lot about the spirit of the times… The violence of the comments is always disproportionate. Personally, I can only see and regret it. It’s hard but that’s how it is. I see a processing of information completely dependent. Only the few journalists who have worked with him professionally dare to point out that Noël Le Graët is and will remain as one of the leaders who has most marked the history of sport in France. It is factual even if it has never been underlined for a few weeks.